Security in Northern Cyprus

Since the beginning of the world, security has been one of the most important human needs. Even today, with the increase of various crimes such as theft, assault, murder, etc., this need is felt more than before. So, nevertheless, we all want to live in a safe place so that we can stay away from various violations.

North Cyprus is the country that everyone dreams of living in, because the security in North Cyprus is very high and one of the lowest crime rates in the world belongs to this country, and currently this country is one of the safest. It is considered the most countries in the world.

The level of security in Northern Cyprus

Security in Northern Cyprus is very high and the crime rate in this country is almost zero. To prove this claim, we must refer to the ranking of countries in 2016, where Northern Cyprus was recognized as the safest small country in the world.

Northern Cyprus is a peaceful country far from any war and conflict, and this has calmed the people living on this island. In addition to residents, tourists who choose to travel to this country will not face any threats such as theft while viewing the vast attractions.

Also, many people choose this wonderful country to study; Because they know that this is the best option for a person who wants to live alone in a country.

The security of Northern Cyprus attracts many young people from all over the world, because nothing is more important than a safe life or journey for young people who have just entered the society.


Reasons for security in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the most advanced countries in terms of security system and its security is increasing day by day. This ultra-advanced system has made crimes such as robbery and assault almost invisible in North Cyprus.

The culture of the people is also one of the biggest reasons for the safety of North Cyprus. These people treat each other very friendly and try not to harm each other. In addition, students and tourists make up the majority of people in this country, so it is natural that there are very few criminals.

Many tourists who travel to North Cyprus have caused the economic growth of this country. Therefore, the residents of this island are in a good financial situation. When people have good financial security, they will definitely not steal.

Advantages of Northern Cyprus

In addition to security, which is the biggest advantage of North Cyprus, there are other things that attract people to live in this country.

Security has caused traffic violations in North Cyprus to be at their lowest level. So you can drive calmly on the streets of this country and stay away from the traffic of big cities.

Air pollution has no meaning in this country. Living on the island of Cyprus gives you the blessing of breathing in clean and comfortable air.

Also, North Cyprus is full of tourist attractions and historical monuments that you will not get enough of watching and you will always feel good about being on this island.



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