All about Northern Cyprus visa

There are various types of North Cyprus visa that you can get by providing the necessary documents, for the purpose you want.

Obtaining a Cyprus visa is much easier than other countries and has no strict rules. Therefore, by knowing the types of visas, you can get the visa that matches your conditions easily and as quickly as possible.

How to get a North Cyprus visa

Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world and has a lot of peace. Therefore, many people are interested in obtaining a North Cyprus visa and want to travel there or even have a long-term stay.

If you want to travel to North Cyprus, you do not need a Cyprus visa. It is enough to travel there with your passport and stay there as a tourist for thirty days by presenting valid documents, including accommodation and round trip ticket.

In some cases, a tourist can extend the length of stay up to 90 days by presenting valid reasons. But you must note that with this Cyprus visa you cannot work or study there, you must only be a tourist! If you are looking for a long-term visa and a long stay in Northern Cyprus, you should apply for a Cyprus visa with valid documents according to your conditions and wait for the result. Visa requests are reviewed according to certain conditions and the result will be announced to you as soon as possible.

Conditions for obtaining a North Cyprus visa

North Cyprus is a developing country in the economic field, so having a North Cyprus visa and living in this country can be a great choice for living and investing.

On the other hand, Northern Cyprus has the best universities in terms of educational quality and internationally recognized degrees. Living in this country as a student can be your best gift to yourself. This country has very high security and is very suitable for a foreign student.

If you intend to stay and live in North Cyprus for a long time, you should apply for a North Cyprus visa. Work, investment and study visas are three visas, by receiving one of them, you can stay in this country for more than 90 days and live without any problems.

So, as you have noticed, for a non-tourist and permanent stay, you must have a North Cyprus visa to legally be considered a citizen of this country.


Necessary documents to obtain a North Cyprus visa

As we mentioned before, if you want to go to North Cyprus except for travel purposes, you need to get a North Cyprus visa.

To obtain a North Cyprus visa, you can go to the embassy or tourist tours and apply for your own visa by presenting the necessary documents.

Below we have listed the documents that are needed to get a North Cyprus visa:

The original passport of the applicant, which is valid for at least six months
Copy of applicant’s passport
Original and translation of birth certificate
Document or lease of the place in North Cyprus in your name and where you want to stay
Two new photos with a white background
Having health test results
Of course, note that these items are general. Since there are different types of Northern Cyprus visa, you will need other specific documents for each one you want.

In this article, we will explain to you the necessary documents to obtain two of the most important visas.

Documents required to obtain a work visa
You don’t need to do anything to get a work visa! In such cases, all the work of obtaining a North Cyprus visa is the responsibility of your employer. All you have to do is perform a series of health tests.

Documents required to obtain a study visa

Obtaining this Cyprus visa is very simple and does not have a complicated process. To get this visa, you just need to get your study employment certificate from the university where you have been accepted and hand it over to the immigration police.

After that, it is necessary to submit the answer of your health tests plus the cost of the study visa to the immigration office and receive your residence permit.

North Cyprus visa rules

As we said, providing the necessary documents is one of the most important rules for obtaining a North Cyprus visa. In addition to that, you should pay attention to some other things, including:

Be sure to have your documents translated by an official translator at the court and then apply for a visa
It is better to apply for a Cyprus visa one month before the trip
Iranians do not need to get a visa for short-term travel and having a passport is enough
You must submit your visa application to the relevant embassy.


The cost of obtaining a North Cyprus visa

The cost of the Northern Cyprus visa is calculated in dollars. Currently, you need $127 to get a visa for this country.

Of course, this cost may vary according to some cases, so the best thing to know about the costs is to refer to travel agencies and inquire about the cost of a Cyprus visa.

Types of North Cyprus visas

The different types of Northern Cyprus visas are generally classified according to short-term or long-term stays.

The visa is also issued depending on the nature of the desired visit and the requested entry number. For example, a single-entry or multiple-entry visa for a visit period of up to 90 days.

Single entry visa, as the name suggests, grants a single entry, which means that after exiting, you will not be able to re-enter with the same visa. Double-entry visa holders may travel twice in fixed periods, and multiple-entry visas allow for multiple visits to Cyprus.


North Cyprus short stay visas

This Cyprus visa, as its name suggests, is issued for a purpose other than immigration and long stays.

The person applying for a short-term visa informs the immigration police of the number of days he intends to stay in this country. Of course, you should note that with this visa, you can only stay in this country for three months. After three months, your presence in this country is considered illegal and a crime.

Also note that with this visa you cannot do other things, such as study or employment.

The North Cyprus short-term visa has several sub-categories, which we have described in detail below.



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