Introducing the best cities in Northern Cyprus to live in

Cyprus is an island country and a member of the European Union (since 2004), which is located in the Levantine basin of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon, and most of the people are Turkish-speaking, and since 1983, it has been bilingual. The official ones are Turkish and Greek. In this article, we will introduce the best cities in Northern Cyprus for living and the attractions and situations available in each city.

This beautiful island has a rich historical heritage, beautiful beaches, magnificent mountainous interior areas, rich culture, and has always been a place of passage for the Phoenicians, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Byzantines, Romans, Venetians, and Ottomans throughout history. And the British have been. Geographically, this island is in an area between Asia and Europe and has a population of 326,000 people. This country is a crossroads of different cultures and also has many beach resorts where you can spend a wonderful stay.

In the introduction to the introduction of the best cities in Northern Cyprus to live in, we will first discuss their names, which are: Nicosia (the capital), Larnaca, Famagusta, Lefkada, Limassol, Protaras, Kyrenia, Ayia Napa, Akamas and Paphos. In the following, we will introduce some of these cities. Stay with us.

The city of Kyrenia (Carinia) in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia is one of the coastal cities of Northern Cyprus, this city is one of the smallest and at the same time the most ancient and the best cities in Northern Cyprus to live in. Kyrenia actually consists of two cities, “Kato Kyrenia” which is spread around its small port and “Ano Kyrenia” which extends further south.

The beautiful environment in which it is built, with the Pentadactylos mountain range in the south, as a result of the combination of mountain and sea and ancient monuments inside and outside the city, has given it international tourism fame and made it one of the best cities in Cyprus to live in. has done. An ancient shipwreck of a Greek merchant ship dating back to the 4th BC was also found in the city’s maritime area. This important archeological find is internationally known as “Keshti Girneh”.

The peaks of Kyrenia, with the Pentadactylos mountain range and the slopes of the mountains that touch the sea, form the amazing scenery of this city. A series of impressive fortresses such as Agios Hilarion, Buffonto and Kantara were built on strategically important mountain peaks. Bellapais Monastery was built in the hills east of Kyrenia in the 13th century AD.

Studying in this city is possible due to the presence of the American University of Kyrenia, which makes this city an attractive destination.

Also, if you are looking to immigrate to this country, buying a property in Kyrenia, North Cyprus is also a suitable option.


In addition to historical monuments and attractions, you will also find many temples throughout the Kyrenia region. The most important of them are the Church of Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the city located in Kato Kyrenia, the Church of Agios Georgios, in Ano Kyrenia with historical importance, as well as the churches of Panagia Chrysoplitissa, Chrysokawa, Agia Maura, Agios Dimitrios, Panagia Glykiotissa, etc.

Kyrenia was colonized by the Achaeans in the prehistoric years (1300 BC). According to Greek mythology, Kyrenia was founded by Cephas and Proxander of the Achaeans after returning from the Trojan War and named it after their city, Kyrenia, located in Achaia.

In ancient times, Kyrenia was one of the important Greek kingdoms of Cyprus. During the 11th and 12th centuries AD, the Byzantines fortified it by building a castle that can be seen and visited until today in the port known as Kyrenia Castle.

In the years 1210-1233 German Emperor Frederick II tried to bring Cyprus under his rule and in September 1570 it was handed over to the Ottoman Turks (1570-1878). It experienced limited development during the period of British rule (1878-1960). After the independence of Cyprus in 1960, Kyrenia began to develop rapidly, especially in terms of tourism.

The city of Nicosia in Northern Cyprus

In the center of the island of North Cyprus lies Nicosia, Troodos and a range of mountains, including the famous Mount Olympus, which reaches a height of 1,952 meters. Nicosia, the capital, is one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the best cities in Northern Cyprus to live in. The panoramic view at Ledra Museum, walking in the old center on foot, visiting many museums in the old Venetian city, the Byzantine Museum or the Cyprus Museum are among the recommended things to experience in Nicosia.

Also, with Nicosia University of Cyprus, this city has become one of the most attractive destinations for international students.

According to Greek mythology, Nicosia was a siren, one of the daughters of Achlus and Mepomene, and her name translates as “white matter”. In ancient times, this city was called Ledra and it was one of the ancient kingdoms of Cyprus. As the capital of Cyprus for more than a thousand years, Nicosia was occupied along the way by the Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and the British. Today, this symbiosis of eastern and European air has given Nicosia its unique identity.


It is built on the Pediaos River and is surrounded by large medieval walls built by the Venetians. This is also a characteristic of the city, during your trip to Nicosia you will definitely come across these magnificent historical buildings, which will take you to ancient times with fortifications and walled gates and will give you a different experience of history and geography.

The city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus

Famagusta is a rapidly developing city that is currently one of the tourist, commercial, financial and cultural centers of Northern Cyprus. Part of this city has a population of Turks who live together with other nationalities immigrating to Famagusta. It is interesting to know that the parts of this city that are related to the ancient times are described by names such as “Ghost City” or “Dead City” because they remain unused today.

Famagusta is located on the southeast coast of the island of Cyprus. It was once a popular chic resort town known for its raucous beach parties and truly luxurious resorts. Today’s Famagusta has taken on the appearance of a ghost town, and a trip here has become an opportunity to immerse yourself in history. The lone old buildings and carefully preserved ruins date back to 1974. Famagusta is surrounded by the atmosphere of the past. In addition to interesting sights, tourists will always find clean beaches, colorful restaurants and a huge range of emotions in this city, which is one of the best cities in Northern Cyprus.

Also, buying property in Famagusta is one of the most attractive options for foreign investors in this country.


The city of Lefkada in Northern Cyprus

This city, called Lefka (Λεύκα) in Greek and Lefke in Turkish, is located 62 km east of Nicosia (via the Astromeritis crossing). Geographically, this city is located at an altitude of 129 meters, in the heart of a very fertile region. While maintaining its historical structure, this city has undergone significant development and transformation in recent years.

One of the differences between this city and the rest of Northern Cyprus is that it does not have access to the sea, Lefkada now has two nearby ancient sites (Voni and Soli) and an interesting Ottoman architectural heritage with an aqueduct (1609), some beautiful bourgeois houses from 1930-1900 and three mosques: Aşağı (“From Below”, 1901). Orta (“Wast”, 1904) and Piri Mehmet Pasha. Recently, Lefkah has become an important pilgrimage site thanks to the international fame of the great Sufi master Sheikh Nazim.

Along with its history, Lefke has stunning natural beauty that will surely leave a lasting impression on the minds and memories of visitors. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains, and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea are just a short distance away. One of Lefkada’s must-sees is the ruins of Soli and the Vouni Palace, where visitors can explore the ancient city of Soli and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding area.

Also, if you plan to study in this city, the European University of Lefkada can be a suitable option for you.



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