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Getting to know the city of Famagusta, Northern Cyprus


If you are looking to travel or immigrate to the city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus, this article is for you. In this article, we will give a complete introduction to this city, so stay with us.

The city of Famagusta, located in the northeast of Cyprus, is one of the most spectacular cities in this country. This port city, which has beautiful beaches adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, attracts many tourists every year. Note that this country issues visas to Iranians as soon as they enter the territory of Cyprus, and there is no need to go to the embassy to obtain a visa for this country before traveling. Also, most of the 70,000 people of this city are Turks and have a close culture with Iranians. The city of Famagusta is also a suitable destination for archaeologists. Because the streets, beaches and churches of this city have been carrying the burden of this country’s history for years.

Even if your only intention of traveling to Famagusta in Northern Cyprus is not for fun and sightseeing, this city can still be considered as one of your immigration destinations because despite the mentioned facilities and conditions, this city can be a suitable destination for those interested. to immigrate and buy a house in North Cyprus and these people can consider this city as one of their destinations.

History of the city of Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

The city of Famagusta (Amokhostos in Greek and Gazi Magusa in Turkish) is a very large port in the Turkish part of Northern Cyprus, the city of Famagusta is located 55 kilometers from the capital of Northern Cyprus, the city of Nicosia, and the eastern coast of Famagusta is between Cape Greco and Eloia. is. Famagusta in Greek means buried, which was founded by the Macedonian king of Egypt BC.

As mentioned before, the city of Famagusta has a very long history. The migration of Christian immigrants to this city in 1291, which was no more than a small village at that time, turned this city into one of the richest cities inhabited by Christians. The turning point of architecture and buildings left in this city is related to the era when this country was captured by the Venetians and they chose this city as their capital. After that, the country was occupied by the Turks for a short time and then by the British for almost a long time. The British focused a lot on the establishment of port facilities in this country and even during World War II, they used these facilities as naval bases.


The weather of the city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus


In general, the climate of Northern Cyprus is similar to that of Iran. Northern Cyprus is considered a country of four seasons, and Famagusta in Northern Cyprus also follows this rule. The average air temperature in the spring and summer of this city is more than 20 degrees. Famagusta also experiences cold winters. In general, it can be said that this extraordinary city has a mild and pleasant climate. The best months to travel to this city are from May to October; Because in this period, warm water and beaches are waiting for your steps. In almost half of the year, we see rain in this country. However, snowfall is rare; Because as mentioned before, the winters of this country do not get too cold.


​Facilities in the city of Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

Famagusta in Northern Cyprus has more facilities than other cities in this country and is considered a more suitable destination for tourists and immigrants. Among the most important facilities of the city of Famagusta, we can mention the universities in it, which we will provide more details about in the rest of the article. Also, the large and well-equipped shopping center City Mall is considered one of the most important entertainment centers of this city. In addition, you can easily use public transportation, especially buses, for your trips. Another feature of Famagusta city is its proximity to the airport. Nicosia Airport is located 29 km from Famagusta. However, don’t worry about your transportation from the airport to the city; Because there are buses to take you from the airport to the city. Also, if you decide to buy a car after arriving in this city and need information about the price of a car in North Cyprus and how to buy a car. We suggest you to read the article on our website in this regard.

Labor and employment market in Famagusta North Cyprus


The country of Northern Cyprus has created many job opportunities due to the connection point it has created between the 3 continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, and the city of Famagusta is no exception. The most demanding jobs in this country are related to the field of treatment, IT and information technology, tourism and real estate. However, the possibility of hiring people such as accountants, teachers and engineers is also very high in this country. The language of business in this country is English, but sometimes employers ask the applicant to master the Greek language as well. You can also apply for your desired job before entering Cyprus and the city of Famagusta; But always the best way to find employment in Cyprus is to use communication.


Cost of living in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

As mentioned before, the cost of living in North Cyprus is much cheaper than in other countries. However, if we want to examine each of the living expenses in detail, they can be categorized as follows:

The average cost of living in Famagusta is 1059 dollars.
The most important cost is housing and shelter rent. In the city of Famagusta, you can rent an apartment for 200 to 300 dollars per month. Of course, this price also depends on the apartment you have rented. Also, if you have immigrated as a student, you can use student dormitories. Government dormitories with an annual fee of 2,000 dollars and private dormitories with a term fee of more than 2,000 dollars are available to the students of this city.
The cost of food also includes most of the cost of living, which costs between 200 and 450 dollars per month.
We must point out that the hospital and medical services in this country are completely free and you don’t have to worry about this. Of course, these costs are calculated before the university tuition fee. However, if you intend to study in this city, keep the tuition fee in mind. In the following, we introduce the universities and their costs in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

Living and studying in Famagusta, Cyprus

If you are looking to immigrate to the city of Famagusta through educational immigration, it is enough to get admission from one of the universities of this city. Previously, we introduced you the universities of Famagusta and the conditions of each of them. However, getting accepted and submitting the required documents is one of the most challenging parts of educational immigration. If you are looking to solve these challenges or want to finalize your acceptance as soon as possible, you can ask our experts at Amaral Investment Group for guidance.


Famagusta tourist attractions

As we found out from the beginning of the article until here, the city of Famagusta is considered a tourist city and can be a suitable destination for travelers to this country. In this section, we introduce some of the most famous and spectacular tourist attractions of this beautiful city:


  • The ancient city of Salamis.
  • Balapis Monastery
  • Sea gate of Famagusta city.
  • Famagusta Silver Beach.
  • Cape Greco Forest National Park.
  • Nice beach
  • Water Park.
  • Ayanapa Cactus Park.

Hotels and inns in the city of Famagusta

As a tourist city, Famagusta has many hotels and inns. The first and most luxurious hotel that we have to introduce is Concorde Luxury Resort. This hotel, which is considered the best hotel in Famagusta city, has various facilities such as water park, casino, spa, swimming pool and kindergarten. Also, you can find various facilities such as iron, electric kettle, TV and mini bar in the 45 meter rooms of this complex. Among other hotels in Famagusta, the following can be mentioned:

Kaya Artemis Hotel.
Salamis Bay Hotel
Ingate Hotel.
If you are planning to travel to Famagusta in Northern Cyprus, you can get help from our consultants at Amaral Investment Group to find out about the available tours for a pleasant and comfortable trip.

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