Northern Cyprus work visa

Work migration to North Cyprus and how to get North Cyprus work visa
If you plan to immigrate to North Cyprus for work, you will need the following:

Search and find the right employer with an agreement to work with the right salary and benefits in North Cyprus (you can get help from our colleagues because this is a specialty).

Obtaining a Cyprus work visa that allows you to enter Cyprus for a long-term stay and work (Cyprus entry permit).

If you want to live in this country for more than thirty days, you must get a residence permit after your trip.

work visa

Max. file size: 128 MB.

In the rest of this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to obtaining a work permit in Northern Cyprus and introduce you to zero percent of all its steps.

Who needs a Cyprus work visa?

All foreign nationals seeking paid employment in Cyprus are eligible for a Cyprus work visa, including:

Image of some employees working


Citizens of countries outside the European Union

Citizens of some European countries including Norway and Switzerland


Although it is easy to get to this country and people from all over the world can enter this country and be present in this country, but for working in this country, regardless of the country of origin you come from, you must have your work visa. get the Our colleagues at Amiral Investment Group can provide you with expert guidance and advice in this department.

How to find a job in Northern Cyprus?

Job search websites are one of the best opportunities to find a job in North Cyprus. Below we present you a list of the most reliable ones, and we also suggest you to immigrate to Cyprus through work and find a suitable job in this country according to your education. And your records, be sure to contact our experts and benefit from their guidance.

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