Getting to know the city of Nicosia (Lefkosha), Cyprus

The city of Nicosia, also known as Lefkosha, is one of the best cities in Northern Cyprus to live in, the capital of Northern Cyprus. This city is the most populated city in Northern Cyprus. Nicosia was the capital of Cyprus before the country was divided into northern and southern parts. Later, with the division of Cyprus, this city was also renamed to North Nicosia.

Nicosia was named the only capital of the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall, dividing Cyprus into two parts. Northern Cyprus was formed at the time of the declaration of independence of the Turkish-occupied parts of Cyprus. This also happened in 1983 and bordered Northern Cyprus with Turkey from the north, Syria from the east, Egypt from the south, and Greece from the west.


North Cyprus, being an island, has become one of the tourism, tourist and immigration areas. It is interesting to know that this country is ranked very high economically. Next, we will discuss the history of Northern Cyprus.


History of the city of Nicosia

The city of Nicosia was chosen as the capital of Cyprus in 1960. It is interesting to know that South Cyprus proposed to change the constitution in 1963, but North Cyprus rejected it. Unfortunately, on December 21, 1963, violence and opposition between North and South Cyprus increased, and this caused the people of North Cyprus to withdraw from the government. This issue also caused the people of Northern Cyprus to go to the city of Nicosia in Northern Cyprus. Of course, this case also caused an increase in the population in the city of Nicosia. In 1975, after the formation of the federal government and the declaration of independence, North Cyprus named itself North Cyprus and designated Lefkosha as its capital. In 2003, Ledra Palace was the first palace that was established between the borders of two countries. This palace is also known as the passage. In 2008, the intersection of Ledra Street was established and was recognized as a common intersection between the two countries.


Geographical location and climate of Nicosia

Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean and Nicosia is the capital of this country. This country has an area of 1364 square kilometers and has a Mediterranean climate throughout. Also, due to its favorable climate, it has many green meadows. Summers on the island of Cyprus are very hot and dry. But it is interesting to know that in the winter seasons, this country has a rainy and moderate climate. Also, the summer season of this country starts from the middle of March and continues until September. Spring and autumn are also between these two periods. It is interesting to know that most fruits and vegetables are found in Cyprus. This is the reason why this country is so popular. Also, many tourists come to this country for fun by identifying the different seasons of Cyprus. Next, we will mention the population of Nicosia.


Population of Nicosia

Nicosia is the most populated city in Northern Cyprus. This city is also in a favorable state in terms of population. Because its population is proportional to the area of the city. Lefkosha has a population of 61,300. With a finger calculation and proportionality, you can understand that 660 people live in every square kilometer of this city. The reason for the population of this city is the benefits of tourism, education and other special facilities. The people of Lefkosha are ethnically 99% Turks and speak Istanbul Turkish. The rest of its population is Greek, English and Maronite. Students who live in this city also speak English. Also, 99% of the people of this city are Muslims. In general, it can be said that Northern Cyprus is very similar to Turkey. Also, there are many rules governing Turkey in this country. It is necessary to know that traveling to this country for 90 days is visa-free for Iranians.


The capital of Northern Cyprus

As we said, the city of Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus. This country has also developed a lot in terms of business. It is interesting to know that you can see many office buildings in this city. Also, many reputable brands and international companies are present in Nicosia. This issue has also caused an increase in work migration to this country. One of the main advantages of Nicosia is its beach. Because it has provided many ports for anchoring cargo and pleasure ships. This issue has also increased financial relations with neighboring countries and increased the economic power of Northern Cyprus. It is interesting to know that the name chosen by the Turks for the capital of Northern Cyprus is Lefkosha. Other people and residents of this city know Lefkosha as Nicosia. In terms of culture, civilization and race, this city has a lot of dispersion.

Travel to Nicosia

To travel to Nicosia, you can board ferryboats from Alanya or Samsun, Turkey, and reach Nicosia by a 4-hour water route. Iranians can stay in this country for 90 days with a tourist visa. The 90-day stay will only be with a passport. It is interesting to know that in any part of Lefkosha that you find accommodation, you can see many tourist attractions around you. One of the most spectacular markets in Lefkosha is the Sunday market. In this market, everything is found at a very low price.

The main industry of Lefkosha or Nicosia is silk. For this reason, in all parts of the city, you can find shops selling silk handicrafts, tablecloths, fabrics, etc. It is interesting to know that Cyprus is very weak in terms of public transportation. It is recommended to rent a car to get around in this country. Of course, you should also know that the cost of renting a car in Cyprus is very high. You can use a taxi to get around.

Tourist attractions of Nicosia

As we said, the city of Nicosia is one of the best and biggest tourist cities in Northern Cyprus. This city has many places and tourist attractions that attract a large number of tourists every year. One of the main tourist attractions of Lefkosha is the great Khan building. This building has had many changes of use throughout history. For example, they have been present in this place from the prison and the empty house to the mosque. St. Sophia Church, Luntis Gallery, Cyprus Museum, Classic Motor Museum, Arab Ahmed Mosque, Kernia Gate, Nicosia Walls, Byzantine Museum, Art Museum, Money Bank History Museum, etc. are some of the places to visit in Nicosia.

Other places that you can visit when traveling to Cyprus include the old aqueduct, the National Struggle Museum, Kara Baba Tomb, Dervish Pasha Museum, Molvi Museum, Classic Car Museum, etc. These places are very good attractions for sightseeing and entertainment.

Nicosia city hotels

Choosing a hotel in a tourist destination, especially in Nicosia, is always one of the most difficult tasks. We are going to introduce some hotels in Nicosia that are very suitable and good from the point of view of other tourists. The first hotel is Sky Roof Hotel. This hotel has a seasonal pool, restaurant, outdoor space, fitness center, etc. Its rooms are available from single to double rooms with special facilities. This is a three-star hotel and has earned a good rating.

The second hotel we introduce to you is the five-star Merrit Lefkosha Hotel. This hotel also has Turkish bath, swimming pool, beautiful rooms, self-service restaurant, etc. The closest hotel to the city center is also this hotel. You can reach the center of Nicosia within five minutes on foot. It also offers services such as laundry, free covered parking and car wash.


The third hotel that has a very good rating in Nicosia is the Concorde Tower Hotel. This five-star hotel is located in the north of Nicosia and has rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, private bathroom with bathtub, etc. This hotel is the closest hotel to Nicosia Arjan Airport.

The fourth most popular hotel in this city is the four-star Eagle Eye Hotel. This hotel has Wi-Fi, large rooms, a garden, a wonderful restaurant, quick exit from the rooms, mini bar in the room, etc. This hotel is the closest hotel to the Cyprus Museum and you will reach this museum by walking a distance of 2 kilometers.

Income and employment status in Nicosia

If you want to immigrate to the city of Nicosia, you need to have information about the working conditions, salaries and benefits of this city. The economy of Northern Cyprus revolves around the service industry. This means that businesses such as the production of all kinds of clothes, cement, potatoes, citrus fruits, etc. are more prosperous in this country. Also, there is a very significant progress in the tourist and tourism industry. The unemployment rate in Cyprus is 2%. That is, with this rate, we can understand that the work situation in this country is in favorable conditions. Jobs such as tourism and hotel management are also among the jobs that bring the most income in different seasons. The income level in Northern Cyprus, especially in the city of Nicosia, which is the capital of this country, is relatively high. It means that the workers who work in this country have good conditions.

To work in Cyprus, you must obtain a work visa. Of course, there are different types of work visas in this country, which can be different according to a person’s job and financial ability. In addition to financial ability, the individual’s conditions are also involved in obtaining a work visa. That is, the level of education, type of profession, work experience, etc. are important factors of work in North Cyprus for immigrants.


Cost of living in Nicosia

This number is equivalent to $850 for a single person without rent and for a family of four it is about $2,900 without rent. The cost of living in Nicosia is one of the most important influencing factors for people’s decision to migrate.

The price of a house in Nicosia starts from 900 dollars and goes up to 1200 dollars. Of course, this price also depends on the location of the building. Also, apartment rent starts from 500 to 800 dollars. Apartments that are far from the city center are also rented for about 250 dollars. The minimum salary in Cyprus starts from 8500 liras and continues up to 15000 liras. Of course, depending on the type of business, it may be more than these figures.

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