Official calendar in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus uses the calendar for official issues. But the lunar calendar is also used in religious and related ceremonies. These two calendars are good and represent the cultural diversity of the area. The official calendar in Northern Cyprus is full of various celebrations and events based on the calendar system. This calendar exists for 6 months and, like the usual world system, is seven days per week, which are holidays on Saturday and Sunday. The official calendar for Northern Cyprus, like many countries, is an important tool to remind the days and history of events, formal and religious activities in the area.

Official holidays in Northern Cyprus In the official calendar of Northern Cyprus, the official holidays are divided into two main categories: religious holidays and national holidays. These holidays are important to events and events and provide an opportunity for national, religious and entertainment celebrations. The following is referred to some of the official Cyprus holidays. Northern Cyprus religious holidays include Eid al -Adha on the occasion of the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham and Ramadan on the occasion of the end of Thanksgiving and worship. The Day of Independence of the Republic of Cyprus and New Year’s Day has been registered as a national holiday for the official calendar in Northern Cyprus.

Is the official Northern Cyprus calendar the same as Turkey?

The official calendar for Northern Cyprus is the same as Turkey. This match is as the aspects of cultural and social cooperation between Northern Cyprus and Turkey. The only separate occasion in Northern Cyprus is on May 1 as World Labor Day, where all employers stop operating and hold a large party for their employees in one of the island’s recreational areas.


July 20 is a symbol of the beginning of the Turkish peace operations in year 6. On this day, Turkish troops completed the terrorist activities of the organization and created a safe area for the lives of the Turks and the Greeks. November 15 is the date of the declaration of the Republic’s independence on the official calendar of Northern Cyprus, the unilateral announcement of the Independence of the Cyprus Turks from the Republic of Cyprus, which will be held in Nicosia on this day. August 1 is a celebration of the establishment of the TMT or Resistance Organization on the occasion of the Greek Euka organization to prevent the island between Greece and Turkey. Other national holidays on the official calendar in Northern Cyprus, which is shared with Turkey, include April 5, National Day of Governance and Children’s Day, May 5 is Mustafa Kamal Ataturk’s landing in Samson and Youth and Sports Day, which reminds Ataturk. And the beginning of the Turkish Independence War is celebrated, August 8 is a victory in the Turkish Independence War and October 5. Important and common dates in the Hijri calendar for both Ramadan states, which is the end of the month of fasting, Eid al -Adha, a four -day holiday, and on the occasion of Abraham’s readiness to obey God.

















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