buying apartmant for sale in north cyprus

Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus

Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus is easier compared to other countries. You can register your property by paying only 30% of the price without needing to register the company and get your residence in a short period of time. Along with the significant increase in the demand of investors to buy property in North Cyprus, property prices in this country have been growing by 20-25% per year.

buying apartmant for sale in north cyprus


One of the important advantages of Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus is that buying and selling houses in North Cyprus is done in British pounds, which is one of the most valuable currencies in the world. Also, the annual increase in property prices in North Cyprus will ensure the profitability of your investment. Another attraction of Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus is the rental guarantee. You can receive an amount equal to 6 to 8 percent of the value of your property monthly or annually as rent and as a guarantee.

Conditions for buying an apartment in North Cyprus

To buy an apartment in North Cyprus, you must first register your property purchase request in the municipal association of this country. Then, wait for the approval of this forum so that you can proceed to purchase the property. One of the most important conditions to buy an apartment for sale in North Cyprus is to be over 18 years old and not have another property in this country.

apartment for sale in north cyprus

Purchase Affordable Apartments in North Cyprus

If you are planning to buy a cheap house in Cyprus, there are many options for you. Of course, buying a cheap property in Cyprus has its own advantages and disadvantages. The only advantage of buying a cheap apartment in Cyprus is its low price. This low price makes you pay less to buy the property.

There are many options for buying a cheap house in the cities of Famagusta, Skele, Lefkada, Guzel Yurt and the villages of North Cyprus. You can even buy a house in the villages of Cyprus for 15 thousand pounds. But, you should never expect the price of your home to go up.

These houses have a small price increase and you may even have to sell your house at a loss in the future. But, buying a house in investment areas, especially Long Beach, Boaz and coastal areas are a more suitable option.

There are many cheap properties in North Cyprus, which makes it a very good opportunity to invest in this country. Also, you can pre-purchase many houses and get your and your family’s accommodation by paying only 30% of the property value.

inside of the apartment in north cyprus

Advantages of buying an apartment in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus weather

The balanced climate of North Cyprus has made tourists and expatriates very welcome to buy property in North Cyprus.

Economic conditions

This country has a growing economy and enjoys very good welfare. Therefore, you can think more seriously about buying property in North Cyprus.

Obtaining permanent residence in Northern Cyprus

Staying in North Cyprus by buying a property is one of the easiest possible ways to immigrate to this country. You can also get permanent residence for yourself, your spouse and children under 25 years old.

Security in Northern Cyprus

Crime is very low in this country. Therefore, living in North Cyprus can be very convenient for your family.

Using the facilities of North Cyprus

You can live like a normal and native citizen of this country by purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus. Educational, government, medical, etc. facilities in this country will be at your disposal after obtaining residency.

Safe investment in North Cyprus

One of the least risky ways to invest and get a residence in North Cyprus is to buy apartments for sale in North Cyprus. Also, property prices in this country are more reasonable than in many countries and you can even earn dollar income by renting out your property.

Pre-sale apartments in North Cyprus

Investing in North Cyprus residential projects that are in presale mode is much more suitable than buying a ready-made property. This is because these projects have not yet experienced a price increase, and definitely when the project reaches its final stages, there will be a good price increase.

Buying an apartment in Cyprus is divided into two categories: ready-to-deliver apartments and pre-purchase apartments. Advance purchase of apartments in North Cyprus is with an initial payment of 35% of the total price of the apartment and with long-term installments. Also, it is possible to buy apartments ready for delivery with an initial payment of 70% of the total price of the property and with short installments.

Flats and apartments for sale in Northern Cyprus are much cheaper and with more facilities than in other European countries. This is one of the most important advantages of buying a North Cyprus apartment for sale. The price of Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus starts from 130,000 pounds. The apartment projects for sale in North Cyprus are currently Courtyard Platinum, Palm Jumeirah, Caesar Resort 6 and Thai Resort.

Second hand apartments for sale in North Cyprus

For apartments that you buy second-hand from the owners, it is necessary to pay the entire amount to the owner for the purchase and delivery of the apartment.

Top Cities in Northern Cyprus to Buy Apartments and Houses

Northern Cyprus, with its favorable climate and beautiful natural scenery, is an attractive investment destination. In this part of the article, we will review the best cities in Northern Cyprus for investment. These cities include Skele, Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta and Lefkada, below we have discussed the main advantage of buying apartments in some of these cities.


Seaside is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Northern Cyprus. This city was announced by Forbes magazine as the best coastal city in the world to buy real estate.


If you want to study in Cyprus, the best option for you is the city of Famagusta. This is because the most prestigious university of North Cyprus named EMU is located in this city.


This city is called the jewel of Northern Cyprus due to its natural and historical beauty. Kyrenia is the most touristic city in this country and the property value in this city is higher than other cities in Northern Cyprus. Also, buying property and apartments in Kyrenia is more expensive than other cities.

apartmant in beach of the north cyprus

Tips for buying an apartment in North Cyprus

  • First you have to choose which city you want to live in. In Famagusta, Kyrenia or Lefkosha? The conditions of each city and your costs are different in each city. For example, the cost of living in Kyrenia is higher than the cost of living in Famagusta.
  • Is the place you choose coastal or in the city? Are there shopping and medical centers near your place of residence?
  • Do you want an apartment or villa, office or commercial property? How close is your home to the airport, city center, shopping center and university?
  • Is the property in an area that has potential for future development, and will you face problems if you want to move or sell your home?
  • Be careful with which seller you sign a contract to sell the house in your name after buying the property. This is very important and you need to be careful. There are specific rules and systems in North Cyprus for this, if you use them correctly, you will not get into trouble. However, caution should always be exercised. In order to solve this problem and similar problems, the Tapu office should be consulted.
  • Be sure to purchase property in North Cyprus through lawyers and experienced people and do not pay the price before signing the contract.
  •  Be careful in choosing the project, city, geographical direction and construction quality of the desired property. Not paying attention to these issues can cost you a lot in the future.
  • Purchase property with valid Turkish or exchange documents.

Conditions for online purchase of apartments in North Cyprus

Imagine that in order to buy apartments for sale in North Cyprus, you must travel to this country in person. But it is good to know that you can easily buy apartments and properties in North Cyprus online. This work is done by reputable companies active in this field.

If you intend to buy property and apartments in North Cyprus in person, Amiral Investment Company (Easy to Cyprus) with expertise in the field of investment consulting in this country, will do all the work steps for you. If you intend to buy an apartment in Cyprus online, you should choose one of the following two methods:

  • Or send your signature electronically and sign in person the first time you go to Cyprus.
  • Or Amiral Investment Company (Easy to Cyprus) will mail the contract to you so that the signature can be done in person and you will resend the contract to the company to do other work. Anyway, Amiral Investment Company (Easy to Cyprus) will do the whole process of finalizing the purchase of the property for you.

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