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From: 150000 £
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Super luxury villa and apartment project in Bogaz 📄 Document type: Exchange ⭕ Number of units: 43 ⭕ type of units: ✳️ Villa: 3+1 and 4+1 ✳️ Apartment: 1+1 and


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From: 85000 £
Code : 5404

An apartment project with a Reasonable Price in The City Of Famagusta 📄 Document type: Exchange Number of units: 18 ⭕Units: ✳️ 1+1 ✳️ 2+1 in 4 types ✳️ 2+1


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From: 123000 £
Code : 5381

A new lifestyle is waiting for you! 📄 Type of document: Exchange ⭕Units: ✅2+1 on the ground floor ✅3+1 on the first floor ✅Semi-Detached villa with a pool ⭕Number of


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From: 162400 £
Code : 5362

Luxury 2+1 Unit Project in Bahceler Iskele Area 📃 Document Type: Exchange ⭕ Units: 2+1 ground floor and 2+1 loft Location: Bachelor Delivery Date: June 2025


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From: 150000 £
Code : 5350

detached and semi-detached villa project in Long Beach area 📄Document type: Exchange 🏡Number of units: 47 units ⭕Units: 3+1 duplex 3+1 2+1 semi-detached 1+1 loft penthouse 📍Location: Long Beach 📅


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property for sale north cyprus

Buying North Cyprus property is one of the best ways to obtain permanent residence in this country. One of the most attractive things that can be said about this country is that it receives low taxes, a developing economy, high security, and membership in the European Union. Buying a property in North Cyprus in recent years, is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to obtain residence and live in this country.

In this article we will talk about North Cyprus property, stay with us.


Buying property

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Steps for Purchasing Property in North Cyprus

Selection of property and house

The first step in buying a property in North Cyprus is choosing the property. You can choose the best option among residential projects in North Cyprus according to your goals and financial conditions.

Paying the deposit for the reservation and setting up the initial contract

After choosing a property, you can reserve it by paying £1,000. Of course, this amount may increase up to 2000 pounds in some cases. By paying this amount, while reserving the house, you will receive a pre-contract from the construction company, in which the total amount of the property and the terms of payment are written. The amount of the deposit is calculated among your payments.

Payment of 30% of the contract amount

After paying the deposit, you will be given 30 to 45 days to complete the 30% of the contract amount, and after completing the amount, the property contract will be delivered to you.

Doing residential work

If your purpose of buying a property in North Cyprus is to obtain residence, you can do your work with this contract. Go to the website of the Cyprus Immigration Office and complete the initial registration. Then, you can get your property deed by visiting the Cyprus Tax Office and Land Registry Office.

picture of property for sale in north cyprus

Conditions for Purchasing Property in North Cyprus

To buy a property in North Cyprus, you need to make a contract with the seller and pay 30% of the amount as a down payment. Then, pay the other installments, which are usually the maximum of 80 months.

Obtaining Residency in Northern Cyprus through Property Purchase

You can get North Cyprus residency for yourself and your family by paying only 30% of the property price. Obtaining a residence in Northern Cyprus is not dependent on permanent presence in this country. You can even rent your property when you are not in this country.

Procedures for Obtaining Residency in North Cyprus after Purchasing Property

After buying the property, you must go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cyprus to get a permit to issue the document. In the immigration portal system, you have to upload documents such as the first page of your passport and the deed of the purchased property, or the rental agreement and the letter of authorization.

After uploading the documents, a time will be set for you in the system to go to the police department to confirm the documents, and you must provide the financial capacity of 10,000 dollars. After the end of this stage, you have to take a blood test and an allergy test, and finally, by paying taxes and health insurance, you receive your temporary residence.

Important Criteria to Consider When Purchasing Property in North Cyprus

Buying a house in a foreign country like Cyprus is a dream for many people. Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for real estate investment. However, before buying a property in Cyprus, you should pay attention to several points:

Do a research

Before buying a home in this country, you should do a thorough research. You should check the real estate market and the economic conditions of North Cyprus and be aware of the political and legal conditions of this country.

Get advice

To buy a property in Cyprus, it is better to seek advice from professionals. They will help you to make the best decision and avoid the possible problems of buying a house in Cyprus.

risk management

Buying a house in Cyprus is always associated with risks. You should seek to reduce these risks and to manage risk, you should seek investment diversification. In this way, experts and experienced professionals can be your guide.

Adhere to the rules

In Cyprus, you must abide by the laws and regulations of this country. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the legal conditions of Cyprus and follow the rules carefully.

Attention to culture

Cypriot culture can influence your property purchase. You should get to know the culture of that country and try to adapt to it.

Market analysis

To buy property in Cyprus, you need to analyze the real estate market of that country. You should look for opportunities to buy a house in this country and take advantage of them.

Attention to the type of property

To buy a property in this country, you should pay attention to the type of your house. You should look for a house with high returns and avoid high risks.

Financial Support

To buy property in Cyprus, you must be sure of your financial support. You should look for suitable ways to finance yourself and avoid risky methods.

Attention to the business environment

To buy a house in Cyprus, you should pay attention to the business environment of that country. You should look for the right conditions to buy your house and avoid unfavorable conditions.

The cost of buying a property in Northern Cyprus

Currently, the real estate market in Northern Cyprus offers the best prices among other Mediterranean countries. Property prices in coastal areas start from £75,000 for an apartment and £180,000 for a villa. Luxury apartments and penthouses in the best condition are sold for around £300,000 and very stylish villas for up to £350,000, which is much lower than similar property prices in other parts of the world.

Additional Costs Involved in Purchasing Property in North Cyprus

The average property price in Cyprus is £115,000 and this price depends on many factors. In order to buy a house in Cyprus, people should consider things such as the year it was built, the place where the house is located, the facilities of the house, the desired city and whether or not the house is next to the Mediterranean coast, then proceed to buy a house in this country.

Property Price Growth in Northern Cyprus in 2023

The variety of property in north Cyprus is very high and because of this, the growth of prices is not the same everywhere. The highest price growth was in the Long Beach area. Prices have increased 4 times from 2022 to 2023 in Iranian money. Other regions such as Kyrenia, Nicosia and Magusa have also seen a large price increase.

Purchasing Property in Northern Cyprus with Installment Plans

For the purchase of North Cyprus real estate, construction companies offer their clients flexible payment terms. Usually, the advance payment for the property to obtain the contract is 30-35% of the property amount and the rest of the amount is in installments of at least 1 year to 7 years without interest.

What are the pros & cons of buying a property in North Cyprus?

The advantages of buying North Cyprus property:

  • Installment purchase of property in Northern Cyprus
  • Variety of prices in the real estate sector
  • Minimum 15% annual property price growth
  • Invest in British Pounds
  • The possibility of obtaining residence by purchasing a property
  • The possibility of having international accounts
  • Having dollar income by renting property
  • welfare amenities
  • Free education for children
  • Easy sale of property

The disadvantages of buying North Cyprus property:

Among the most important problems and disadvantages of buying property in this country, the following can be mentioned:

  • Invalid documents
  • Selling the property above the actual price
  • Side costs that you are unaware of


What should I keep in mind while investing in real estate in Northern Cyprus

If you intend to buy real estate in Northern Cyprus, you should first raise your awareness in this field and pay attention to the following points:

  • Credit of the manufacturer
  • Checking the materials used in the construction
  • Check the conditions of the document
  • Checking the construction license of the manufacturer
  • Check the conditions of the property for obtaining temporary residence

How should I prepare moving to Northern Cyprus from UK

For those coming to Cyprus from the UK now, a visa-free stay of up to 90 days is allowed, but the person is not authorized to work. Before the expiration of 90 days, you can apply for a residence permit, which can be temporary or permanent depending on your circumstances.

Online Property Purchase in North Cyprus

Due to the advancements of cyberspace, some people are interested in buying their property in North Cyprus online. For this, the real estate sales expert will communicate with you online and show you all the projects. Of course, before this video communication, the file and price of all the projects will be sent to you so that you can choose a few items according to your budget.

Then you will be provided with more details of your selected projects. The expert also goes to the project site and from there the selected project will be displayed to you online. After the final decision, the advance payment or deposit for the unit reserve, which is usually 1000 pounds, will be paid by you so that you can pay 30% of the project amount within 20 to 40 days. At the end, the contract file will be sent to you for signing.

Buying property in North Cyprus

Expert Consultation for Property Purchase in North Cyprus

Amiral Investment Company (Easy to Cyprus) is at your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the aim of strategic advice and smart choice in the field of buying property in North Cyprus, so that you can invest safely.

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