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87 Square meters
2 bedroom
1 Bathroom
installments yes
Delivery 13 to 24 months
Property features

Luxury 2+1 Unit Project in Bahceler Iskele Area

πŸ“ƒ Document Type: Exchange

β­• Units: 2+1 ground floor and 2+1 loft

Location: Bachelor

Delivery Date: June 2025


βœ… 2+1 on the ground floor type A

πŸ“ 93 m2 of interior space + 18 m2 of terrace

πŸ’· Starting price: 182,400 Β£


βœ… 2+1 on the ground floorΒ  type B

πŸ“ 87 m2 of interior space + 14 m2 of terrace

πŸ’· Starting price: 162,400 Β£

There is only 1 left of this unit.


βœ… 2+1 loft type A

πŸ“ 89 m2 of interior space + 49 m2 of terrace

πŸ“ 108 m2 of interior space + 59 m2 of terrace

πŸ’· Starting price: 185,400 Β£


βœ… 2+1 loft type B

πŸ“ 111 m2 of interior space + 63 m2 of terrace

πŸ“ 125 m2 of interior space + 69 m2 of terrace

πŸ’· Starting price: 196,400 Β£


βœ… Payment plan:

1️⃣ 5% deposit

2️⃣ 35% advance payment

3️⃣ 30% until delivery

4️⃣ 30% after delivery

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Dr. Maral Masoumi

CEO of Emiral Investment

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project site

800 meters to the Mediterranean Sea

indoor and outdoor pool

About the project

Why invest in North Cyprus?

  • Northern Cyprus has seen a 79% increase in property prices in the last 3 years
  • Ranked as the “World’s No. 1 Coastal Real Estate Investment” by Forbes Magazine in 2021, North Cyprus is one of the most important real estate investment hotspots in the Mediterranean.
  • Buying a property off the plan allows the buyer to pay approximately 20% below market value and pay in installments over 12 to 36 months.
  • Buying and renting is also a very attractive option that brings at least 8% return
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