Beautiful View of the Kyrenia Bay

Property for Sale in Kyrenia

Kyrenia is one of the port cities in Northern Cyprus and has tourist attractions and pristine and beautiful nature. This area is known as the economic and cultural center of North Cyprus. Therefore, every year it attracts many tourists from all over Europe and other parts of the world. In a general view, we can say that Kyrenia, Cyprus, is a lively and exciting city. Favorable living conditions and good weather in Kyrenia have made this city welcome immigrants for investment. Many of those who intend to immigrate to North Cyprus have bought property in Kyrenia. It can be said that buying a property in Kyrenia is a safe and profitable investment.

Beautiful View of the Kyrenia Bay

In this way, in addition to obtaining a residence via North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale, you will benefit from living in a region with a good climate. A variety of property prices and types of apartments, villas, and Houses For Sale Kyrenia Northern Cyprus with very good facilities and different payment terms allows people who want to buy property in North Cyprus to be able to buy according to their budget.

Steps for Purchasing Property in Kyrenia

Those eligible to buy property in Kyrenia must go through the legal procedures for North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale, which you will learn about below:

Choosing the Right Property Among North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale

The first step to investing via Properties For Sale in Kyrenia is choosing the right property. First of all, you should determine what kind of property you intend to buy, and with what specifications. You can do this by working with a reputable immigration company. They provide you with a list of available options and attractive offers of North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale and help you choose the best option by providing the necessary guidance.

Villa in Kyrenia with Sea Views

Payment of Deposit for Buying and Booking Properties For Sale in Kyrenia

After choosing a property from the list of Houses For Sale Kyrenia Northern Cyprus, you can reserve it by paying a deposit. At this step, the manufacturing companies will send you a preliminary copy of the purchase contract. In this contract, the location of the house, the details, and the property price are specified.

Initial Payment for Buying a North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale

When you sign the initial contract, the initial payment amount is usually mentioned in the contract. Also, at this stage, you should agree on how to repay the rest of the amount.  Transfer of Property Deed and Completion of the Purchase Process. In this step, you go through the administrative procedures of transferring the deed of a property, paying the building tax, and transferring the document.

Obtaining Residence by Buying a Properties For Sale in Kyrenia

If buying a property is to obtain a residence in Northern Cyprus, you can do your residence work after buying a property.

Apartment in the Heart of Kyrenia


The important conditions for North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale are:

  • Legal Age for the Buyer (at least 18 years old)
  • Certificate of Financial Ability
  • Property Purchase Cost
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate of Good Health

To buy property in Northern Cyprus, there is no need for a language certificate or any medical test. All members of the applicant’s family, including his wife and children under the age of 24-25, as well as the parents of the applicant and his wife, are included in the case. One of the advantages of buying a property in North Cyprus is that you do not need to be in this country, the applicant only needs to be in Kyrenia for some days in a year to maintain his residence, and there is almost no requirement to be present.

The Cost of Buying a Property in Northern Kyrenia

The price of North Cyprus Kyrenia Property For Sale varies according to the type of facilities they offer. The location of the property in different areas of Kyrenia can have a great impact on its cost. The type of property such as villas, apartments, and Houses For Sale Kyrenia Northern Cyprus has different values and prices vary depending on the type of property. The supply and demand of the real estate market plays an important role in determining the price of the property for residence in North Cyprus. The construction condition, size, interior conditions, surrounding landscape, and amenities of the property can affect its cost. The history of the property, possibly repairs or renovations done on it can play a role in determining its price. Laws related to properties and regulations governing real estate fields can have a great impact on property prices.

Purchasing Property in Kyrenia with Installment Plans

One of the most important advantages of buying Houses For Sale Kyrenia Northern Cyprus is that you can purchase it in installments. If you want to buy a property in one of the European countries, but don’t have enough budget, buying a property in North Cyprus is one of the best options.  You pay only 30% of the total price of the property and you will pay the rest in long-term installments. The prices of installment houses in Kyrenia are cheaper than other properties according to their conditions. You determine the amount of the installments yourself according to the amount of income you have. You can even get your residence by buying an installment house in Kyrenia.

Some people who just want to invest in Northern Cyprus use a very profitable way. These investors buy some installment properties in Kyrenia and pay the installments from the rental price of the properties. Finally, if you buy an installment property in Kyrenia, you will receive the property deed at the same time.







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