Everything you need to know about immigrating to North Cyprus, buying property and obtaining residence

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– What does the free tour include?

including 3 nights and 4 days of accommodation, airport transfer, city tour, visiting projects, getting to know North Cyprus and consulting in the field of property purchase and work during the stay

– What happens if the property is not purchased after the free visit and stay?

The tour is completely free and you will not be charged anything.

– How many people can we travel to use the free stay and visit?

There is no limit on the number of people to use the Northern Cyprus tour.

– Why buy property in North Cyprus?

Flexible and extraordinary payment conditions – easy residence conditions – investment based on reliable and stable currency pounds or dollars and euros – 4 days of free stay to visit and review the significant annual growth of the property, diversity in construction companies and projects – prices Very low compared to Iran, generating income and guaranteeing rent with reasonable profit – no limit on the amount of the property to obtain residence – low tax compared to European countries

What are the procedures for buying property in North Cyprus?

Property reservation with at least 1000 pounds (this amount is for a one-month reservation and is deducted from the total amount) and then advance payment or the entire purchase amount is paid in cash or in installments without a one-month reservation.

Is it possible to buy property in North Cyprus in installments?

Yes, in North Cyprus it is possible to buy installments in general as follows.

_ Pre-sale units

30-40% prepayment of the remaining installments of two to ten years without interest. Remember, if you buy a pre-sale property, the deed is also registered in your name, and you can use the free accommodation offer until the delivery of the pre-sale property.

Units ready for delivery

50-70% advance payment and delivery of the rest of the installments up to one to three years without interest. The payment conditions of different companies are different and after choosing the desired project, you can inquire about the exact payment conditions.

– How much is the property price in North Cyprus?

Starting prices for zero studio units are 65,000 British pounds, one-bedroom units are 75,000 pounds, and two-bedroom units are 9,000 pounds. This amount is the starting price and these prices include an increase every few months according to the growth of the region.

– How is the property price growth in North Cyprus?

In North Cyprus, in addition to the 5-10% annual property inflation, a significant added value is included in the properties of this country. The largest amount of this price increase during the construction period is done in the form of mineral stairs.

– Where is the best area to live and invest in Northern Cyprus?

The Long Beach area and the pier are 10 minutes from the sea

– What are the procedures for transferring a property deed in North Cyprus? How long does it take to register the document from the time of purchase?
All the documents in North Cyprus after clearing the total amount and delivering the unit key to the name of the buyer are separated and approved and registered by the government.

– Is the house deed registered in full in the name of the buyer after the purchase?

Yes, all documents in Northern Cyprus are permanently registered in the buyer’s name after the total amount has been settled, and all the details of the property and even the amount of the buyer’s share of the property’s land are included in the document and approved by the government.

– What happens to the status of the purchased property in North Cyprus after the death of the buyer?

In North Cyprus, because the purchased property is registered in the name of the buyer, after the buyer’s death, the property deed is transferred equally to the heirs. In fact, you are buying the land of North Cyprus.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving to North Cyprus?

Low crime rate. Possibility of living at a low cost. Flexibility in the current currency. Slow and peaceful rhythm of life. High quality of health and treatment. Low taxes and remote work. Super internet speed. Very low pollution. One step to visa. Schengen. Permanent residence with investment and purchase of property. Cheap education in good universities… Disadvantages: Taxes for real persons. You may get bored. Limitation of travel to and from the island. Limitation of the variety of goods and merchandise.

What methods can be used to obtain residence in North Cyprus?

Investment through property purchase, company registration, student admission

What is the cheapest way to obtain a residence in North Cyprus?

student acceptance

Is it possible to get a residence by renting a property?


Is it possible to get residence in North Cyprus through marriage or birth of a child?

no In the country of Cyprus, the law of blood principle is followed, and for this reason, either the father or the mother must be a citizen of the country of Cyprus. For this reason, it cannot be a migration route for families. You cannot obtain citizenship and residence with a Cyprus tourist visa, as well as traveling to this country and giving birth to a child. Obtaining citizenship with the birth of a child in the world follows the two laws of the principle of soil and the principle of blood. In order to immigrate through the birth of a child, you must be familiar with the laws of that country. It is very important to know which of these laws the country follows.

The law of the origin of soil: In this law, the birth of a child is in the soil of the country in question. Regardless of the nationality of the parents.

Law of blood principle: In this principle, it is very important that one of the parents or both are citizens of the country in question. In this case, it does not matter in which country the child is born

Is it possible to get permanent residence in North Cyprus?

What about UK citizenship by investing in property over £150,000? Yes, how? By buying property

What is the validity of the Northern Cyprus passport?

Passports are not given, only citizenship cards are given in high investment conditions

Is it possible to obtain residency for children over 18 years old by buying a property?

Yes, what about parents? Yes, parents over 65 years old

What is the minimum investment in North Cyprus to receive residency?

The minimum amount of 65,000 British pounds is the investment amount to get a residence in North Cyprus depending on the number of people. For example, for a family of two people, it is possible to get accommodation by purchasing a suite unit with a minimum amount, but for a family of four, at least a two-bedroom property must be purchased.

– When can we apply for residence?

Obtaining residence does not require the settlement of the entire amount of the property, after paying the advance payment and signing the contract, you can proceed to obtain residence. This process takes two to three months, and your presence in the island is required during the process.

– How much does it cost to live in North Cyprus?

The cost of living in Northern Cyprus is lower than in European countries, on average, the cost of a family of three is between 8,000 and 11,000 liras for all life matters.

What is the minimum wage in Northern Cyprus?

11600 Turkish lira

– What are the costs of obtaining residence and the duration of obtaining residence?

Top Gold Empire Company does not charge a fee for accommodation from customers and the entire process of obtaining accommodation is done completely free of charge. Obtaining a residence in Northern Cyprus takes two to three months.

– Is staying in North Cyprus a permit to enter Europe, America and Canada?

Yes, considering that you show the said embassies with your property documents that you have financial resources and you have the ability to live in the secondary country and you have the ability to pay living expenses, you can easily apply for a visa for European countries and other countries. take the

Is North Cyprus suitable for children’s education?

Yes, the education system of this country is very strong

What is the state of education and schools in Cyprus?

In the past years, there has been a very significant progress and this factor has caused the graduates of Cyprus to be accepted in the best universities of the world or attracted to the best job positions. In general, schools in Cyprus are divided into two categories: public schools and non-profit schools. Both types have a strong and modern education system. The composition of students in the educational classes of schools and universities in Cyprus is a combination of Cypriot and English-speaking students.

What are the best international and public schools?


How much are children’s education costs?

The cost of education in public schools is free, and in private schools it varies from 40,000 liras to 110,000 liras, which can be paid both in cash and in installments.

Which city is more suitable for Iranians to live in?

Famagusta city, Kyrenia and Long Beach pier

What is the state of medical and health infrastructure?

Hospitals are the most important medical centers of a country. Northern Cyprus has three public hospitals and numerous private facilities. Hospital regulations in Northern Cyprus follow British paramedical standards.

For all people residing in this country for any reason, North Cyprus 112 ambulance and emergency medical services will be free. The health care sector in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is publicly funded. All public hospitals are funded by the government and all residents are insured. Some expats living and working in Northern Cyprus do not have health insurance because health care is affordable anyway. Government hospitals and medical facilities in every city

There is Northern Cyprus. There are many intensive care beds as well as specialized facilities for surgery, delivery, laboratory etc. in North Cyprus. You should know that the level of public hospitals in this country is high compared to other countries and almost all doctors are working in public and private hospitals.

One of the great advantages of public hospitals is that most of them offer 24-hour emergency services and have a personal ambulance to transport patients at any hour of the day, if necessary.

What is the economic situation and job opportunities in North Cyprus?

The economy of Northern Cyprus is dominated by the service sector (69% of GDP in 2007), which includes the public sector, trade, tourism and education. The unemployment rate in Northern Cyprus is about 5% based on 2018 data. This low unemployment rate has made many Iranians decide to immigrate and work in Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus mainly exports goods such as cement, cement, potatoes and clothes to Turkey. 22% of the GDP of North Cyprus is related to industry and 9% is related to agriculture. The economy of Northern Cyprus operates on the basis of a free market, and a significant part of administrative costs is financed by Turkey and the European Union. Northern Cyprus uses the Turkish lira as its currency, and this has made its economic situation related to the Turkish economy.

The urban population of North Cyprus is mainly employed in the service industry and light industries such as beverages, clothing, construction and other commercial establishments. There are about 195 villages in Northern Cyprus, and the people in the rural areas are mainly engaged in agriculture and produce a variety of products. Wheat, barley, olives, melons, grapes, figs, potatoes and staple vegetables are grown commercially on a medium scale.

What specialties have more chances to work in North Cyprus?

Jobs related to the tourist field in North Cyprus. 2. Jobs related to the construction field 3. Jobs related to the academic and university field 4. Jobs related to the trade and commerce field 5. Jobs related to the teaching and learning field

How much is the income of different specialties?

Between 15,000 and 25,000 liras per month

How can I get a work residence in North Cyprus?

Once you have found an employer in Cyprus and signed an employment contract with them, your employer must apply for approval from the Ministry of Labor of Cyprus. If approved, the Department of Labor will give your employer a letter of recommendation that they will use to apply for your work permit.

How to get a job in North Cyprus?

Through entrepreneurship and company establishment

Employment in the company and institution

Will the spouse and children be covered by this visa after receiving the work visa? Yes

Can I work in North Cyprus with a tourist stay?


Introduce employment sites?









How is studying in North Cyprus?

In North Cyprus, it is currently available in about 7 prestigious universities. International students from 135 different countries are present in these universities. The number of international students has increased significantly in these years.

What are the best universities in Cyprus?

Near East and Eastern Mediterranean universities are among the top universities in this country and also in the QS list.

What fields are suitable for continuing education in Cyprus?

Pharmacy and dentistry fields

Is it possible to study in Cyprus from a bachelor’s degree?

Yes, and it is also possible for master’s degree and doctorate.

Can scholarships be received from Cyprus universities?

Yes, a 50-75% scholarship is awarded

What is the cost of studying in Cyprus universities?

The cost of studying in Cyprus varies according to the university and the city you are looking for. Its cost is usually more affordable compared to other countries in the world. The level of tuition depends on the type of study program and its duration.

The cost of undergraduate studies: at least 3000 euros and 13000 euros
Master’s degree education fee: at least 5000 euros to 10000 euros
Doctoral education fee: at least 7000 euros
The cost of studying medicine and dentistry is between 10,000 and 22,000 euros

What is the university language of Northern Cyprus?

English and Turkish

Is a language certificate required for admission?

No, if a person has an IELTS certificate, his/her thesis will not be taken for the level determination test.

How is the admission process from Cyprus universities?

You do not need to obtain a student visa to study in North Cyprus, you just need to translate the following documents into English and send them to the relevant university:

Academic records + transcripts of previous courses
Copy of national card and birth certificate
Copy of passport (valid for at least 6 months)
Four 6 x 4 personal photos
IELTS language certificate (score 5.5 for all educational levels)
TOEFL language certificate (513 PBT / 65 IBT for all academic levels)
It should be noted that having a language degree is not required for admission to the universities of North Cyprus and you can spend a one-year language course in the universities of this country before your studies.
A Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL) will be sent to you after your eligibility has been confirmed by the relevant university in Northern Cyprus. Once you have paid the initial amount on your CAL, you will be sent an Academic Acceptance Letter (UAL) from your university and you can then travel to Northern Cyprus without the need for a visa.

Is it possible to work while studying?

Yes, students can work part-time.

How is the problem of accommodation for students? Is there a dormitory or should I rent/buy a house?

Most students prefer to live in university dormitories during their first two years of study. The benefits of living on campus go beyond safety and easy access to classes. Residence halls are a great opportunity to meet new friends from different cultures, easy access to many restaurants that are sometimes open until the early hours of the morning, and use indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Despite all these advantages, some students want to stay outside the university. There are plenty of private hostels and apartments for rent in major cities such as Nicosia, Famagusta, Kernia and Morphou. The price of rented apartments and private dormitories varies greatly depending on the location and the luxury of the place. Dormitory fees in North Cyprus are on average $2,500 per year. The important thing is that if 2 people live in the same dormitory, they both have to pay the same 2,500 dollars and the cost is not halved. This $2,500 is included in the costs of water, electricity, internet, etc. The cost of renting a residential unit in Northern Cyprus is 1,400 liras per month, and of course, water and electricity costs are calculated separately and are around 300 liras per month.

Can students get accommodation for their first degree relatives (spouse, parents and siblings)?

People who wish to obtain a companion visa in Northern Cyprus, if the main person, the applicant, has obtained his residence in Northern Cyprus through investment or education in this country, they are also able to obtain a companion visa for their family in this country. be As a result, the applicant students who have applied only to study in Northern Cyprus can also receive accompanying visas for their spouses, children and dependent family members.

Does the spouse of the person applying to study in North Cyprus have a work permit?


Is it possible to work in Cyprus after graduation?

Students who graduate from North Cyprus universities can obtain a work permit and work in banks, hotels, department stores, etc. if they have completed at least a bachelor’s degree. Graduates must have a job offer from an employer before applying for a permanent work and residence permit. In most cases, the employer acts on behalf of the employee to obtain the necessary permits from the government to start work. Most universities in North Cyprus have special units that help graduates find a suitable job to live and work in this country.

What factors affect the acceptance of student admission in North Cyprus?

Having a language certificate

Is it possible to change fields from engineering to medicine? Yes

Are the degrees of Azad University, Comprehensive Applied Science and Payam Noor valid for student admission in North Cyprus?


How to open an account in Northern Cyprus banks for international students?

There are many banks in North Cyprus that people who are studying can go to one of these banks open an account. Most banks in Northern Cyprus also offer credit card services. This is possible for students who intend to make international online purchases. The most reliable bank for opening an international account with a credit card is Aish Bank. If your child is studying in Northern Cyprus, you can send them money through their bank account.

Is it possible to get a residence in North Cyprus by registering a company? What are the conditions? Yes, the presence of at least two shareholders, the presence of at least one manager and a tax guarantee letter from each of the managers, and the use of a secretary to provide documents and block one hundred thousand dollars before registering the company and registering a real address for the company is an important point that to register the address, one should not It must be a commercial property and you can also register your home address as the company address.

Also, the following items may be considered in the company registration:

Choosing a company name according to the rules
Drafting of the company’s articles of association
Completing the application form (preferably with the help of a lawyer)
Deposit the company registration fee
Company registration in the registry office
Determining the address of the company and registering it
Opening a bank account and transferring capital to it
Receive tax code and insurance code

How is the possibility of international interactions for a company registered in Cyprus?

North Cyprus has the least amount of administrative corruption in the region, and also because of its developments, you will be sure that in a short period of time you will get a high profit from your investment by registering a company in North Cyprus. Also, the taxes of this country are the lowest in It is compared with other countries and finally the welfare of its citizens is constantly developing.

Is it possible to start a business (restaurant, shop, etc.) for Iranians?


What are the most common cars in North Cyprus?

Nissan Note (9 thousand to 16 thousand pounds)…. Mitsubishi Mirage (7 thousand to 15 thousand pounds)…. Suzuki SX4 – price 5 thousand to 12 thousand pounds…. Honda Fit (7 thousand to 18 thousand pounds)…. Kia Picanto (5 thousand to 13 thousand pounds)…. Toyota Yaris (7 thousand to 19 thousand pounds). It has attracted more fans. Japanese and German cars are the first choice of natives or immigrants to Cyprus due to their low depreciation and low consumption. These cars start at a more reasonable price than other brands. For example, Japanese cars start from 3 thousand pounds and German cars from 7 thousand pounds.

How is the price of Khordu compared to Iran and Türkiye?

The cost of buying a car in North Cyprus is almost one third of Iran. It can be said that you can buy a suitable car with any amount of capital you have. More expenses can also make you the owner of more luxurious cars. The price of a car in Cyprus is cheaper than in Turkey! It is necessary to know that buying and selling cars in Cyprus is in the common and powerful British currency, which is the pound.

Which companies are represented?

To buy a car in North Cyprus, among this wide range, German-made cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen, as well as cars made by Japanese companies such as Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and Honda, are in a special position for sellers and buyers. It can be said that more than 70% of the cars in North Cyprus are made by the aforementioned companies. Of course, this does not mean that there are no other manufacturers’ products here, you can buy and use French cars such as Peugeot and Renault, English products such as Range Rover, Mini Cooper and Jaguar, as well as American cars such as Ford, Chevrolet and Tesla. do.

What cars have a better buying and selling market?

Usually, Japanese cars, which have a smaller engine volume and are more fuel efficient, have attracted more fans in North Cyprus. Japanese cars are our first recommendation because of their good history and the availability of parts and easier sales after purchase

What is the type and price of fuel in North Cyprus?

As we know, the price of gasoline plays an important role in calculating the cost of living in North Cyprus, because many people who live in North Cyprus have their own cars, and the price of fuel is in the price of food and many other things. It has a direct impact and that is why many people who plan to migrate to North Cyprus want to know the price of fuel.

The price of gasoline in North Cyprus has always been changing and there have been many changes, and these changes are due to the seasons and conditions of the region, and sometimes the price has increased and even decreased by several liras. Two types of octane 95 and 98 gasoline.

What are the traffic rules?

The police are checking people’s driving and speed control in places you don’t expect at all

Driving while drunk has severe financial and non-financial crimes and is also dangerous.
Regarding the maximum speed, even if it is a maximum of 30 kilometers per hour, the rules must be followed, because the police here cannot be negotiated at all.
The traffic signs are in Greek, Turkish, and Latin languages, so you can definitely easily find the right way according to your destination, you can still use the GPS features of your phone and car to find the best way.
There is usually internet in the whole of Northern Cyprus, and internet coverage with mobile data is not a problem.
Most of the driving is from east to west or from west to east, which may make driving difficult for you, so try to bring sunglasses.
The distance between the cities of Northern Cyprus is very short and usually the roads pass by the sea or green plains, so try to enjoy the nature instead of driving in a hurry and drive carefully.

The direction of the streets is the opposite of the streets of Iran, and the cars are right-hand drive, in this case, and in order to settle the matter, they can go to one of the driving schools after getting a North Cyprus driving license and learn how to drive these cars for a few sessions. See and after you have practiced this a few times, be sure that you can easily drive like others on the roads of this country.

What is the status and price of electric and hybrid cars in North Cyprus? What cars are economical?

(in terms of fuel cost and price) small and low consumption cars like Japanese and German cars

– Is it necessary to get a visa to travel to North Cyprus?

The North Cyprus visa is at the airport and the following documents must be submitted to issue a visa at the airport. The invitation sent by Top Gold Empire company along with the letter of your residence during your stay on the island, return ticket, at least 2000-4000 USD or British pounds to start the property purchase process and travel expenses.

How long is the flight to North Cyprus?

All flights to North Cyprus first stop in Istanbul or Ankara and then fly to North Cyprus, so that you have to fly to Turkey for 2 hours and 50 minutes after a break of 1 to 3 hours in Turkey and changing The plane will fly again in 1 hour and 20 minutes to Northern Cyprus. By default, tickets are issued for 2 destinations: Tehran to Istanbul and Istanbul to Northern Cyprus (Arjan Airport). from Tehran to Arjan, which will be implemented for the first time on March 29, 1401 and April 26, 1402. From May (late May), direct flights from Tehran to North Cyprus will be made by FLY kibris airline.

What documents are required to open an account?

Valid passport

Residence certificate

Sign the tax return

Proof of residence in North Cyprus, such as a utility bill (must be for the last 3 months at most)

To open a bank account in Northern Cyprus, people must have a residence card of at least one year.

Is it necessary to get a North Cyprus SIM card to open an account?


How much money is required to have in a North Cyprus bank account?

At least $100

Can we use the Visa or MasterCard we receive in all countries? What about international online shopping? Yes

Is it necessary to have a Northern Cyprus residence card or a registered company to open an account in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, it is necessary.

Which banks are the best for opening an account for Iranians in North Cyprus?

Isbankasi isbankasi

Capital bank

Is it possible to use other currencies besides Lira to open an account in Northern Cyprus?


Is it possible to open an account without going to North Cyprus?


How can I bring the desired amount with me to Northern Cyprus for purchase due to the restriction of currency withdrawal in Iran?

There are Iranian exchanges in North Cyprus where you can receive the desired amount by remittance to the exchange account. Also, Top Gold Empire Holding will do all your money transfer matters in less than a few hours due to cooperation with reliable money changers.

Introduction of Northern Cyprus Where is the location of Northern Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean and in the Eurasian part. Cyprus is located in the south of Turkey and leads from the east to the Middle East, from the west to Greece and from the south to Egypt. The island of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of size. Northern Cyprus is a de facto region in the north of Cyprus. The capital of this region is divided between Turks and Greeks, like the country of South Cyprus, and the north of the city of Nicosia, called North Nicosia, with a population of over 50,000 people, is the center of North Cyprus.

What is the history of the formation of Northern Cyprus and its status in the eyes of the international community and the United Nations?

Between 1963 and 1974, due to cultural differences between the Turkish and Greek communities, tensions between them turned into war. With the military intervention of Turkey, the island of Cyprus was divided into two independent countries in 1974. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was located in the north of the island of Cyprus and the Greek (Southern) Cyprus was located in the south of this island. The Turkish part of Cyprus (Northern Cyprus) declared its independence in 1983 and called itself the Republic of Northern Cyprus Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti (KKTC), which has not yet been recognized by the United Nations and the countries of the world. It is currently recognized by Turkey and a limited number of countries.

By accepting the Greek Cypriot part (Southern Cyprus) in that union, the European Union wants the Turkish government to recognize the Greek Cypriot part and try to create a basis for the unity of North and South Cyprus in line with the integration of Turkey with the European Union.

The important point is that it is predicted that if this agreement happens, the price of the property in North Cyprus will multiply and in general, in that case, any investment in North Cyprus will give faster and more profit.

How is the security of Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is the fifth safest country in the world.

What is the currency of Northern Cyprus?

The main currency of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira, and its small currency is called the krouche. Home and car purchases are generally calculated based on British pounds.

– What is the language of the people of Northern Cyprus?

The people of Northern Cyprus speak the Turkish Cypriot language, which has the same root as Istanbul Turkish, but most of them are also fluent in English.

What is the difference between North and South Cyprus?

The cost of living is significantly lower in the north. If you want an inexpensive destination or a beautiful Mediterranean environment, North Cyprus can be a great choice. However, the economy of South Cyprus is more stable and offers more transparent and EU-compliant regulations. The main advantage of living in North Cyprus is getting all the benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle at a very low price. Given that the northern part of the island is only recognized by Turkey, it is not as economically strong as southern Cyprus and continues to suffer from sanctions. However, the cost of living and property in Northern Cyprus is much lower than in most European countries. Northern Cyprus is definitely one of the least expensive countries to live in along the Mediterranean coast. Compared to the cost of living in the UK, Northern Cyprus is well worth the savings in terms of costs. Buying and renting property is much cheaper than anywhere else in the Mediterranean. If buying fruits and vegetables from local markets is too cheap for you. However, imported products are expensive because they can only be delivered through Turkey and are subject to heavy taxes. Eating out is also cheap, especially if you can find small local restaurants away from the tourist areas. Depending on how much you earn, you can have almost any level of lifestyle you want on the island. There are cinemas, clubs, cafes and an incredible array of restaurants catering for all tastes and all budgets for those living in North Cyprus. There are also casinos, discos, sports clubs and associations, public gyms, spas and beach clubs.

What are the most important cities of Northern Cyprus and the characteristics of each one?

Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus and one of the most suitable cities for Iranians. This city is known as one of the top 20 cities in Europe.
The coastal city of Gazi Magosa or Famagusta city in Northern Cyprus: Famagusta or (Gazi Magusa) is located on the southeast coast of North Cyprus and east of the city of Lefkosha. The history and background of this city goes back to the third century BC. Today, Famagusta is one of the most important cities in Northern Cyprus.
_ The abandoned city of Varosha or Maras in Cyprus: Marash or Varosha can be mentioned as one of the most important and famous cities in Northern Cyprus. Varosha or Marash (meaning suburb in Turkish) is an abandoned city located south of the city of Famagusta. Once upon a time, the city of Famagusta was considered one of the famous tourist attractions in Cyprus
Kyrenia is known as the city of tourists in Northern Cyprus: one of the most beautiful and important cities of Northern Cyprus is Girne or Kyernia. The attractions of this city are so much that they call it the city of tourists. It can be said that the fame of Kyrenia is due to its geographical location, which is located between the sea and the mountains, as well as the presence of its port and historical castles. These features have attracted the attention of many tourists to travel to this area. Historical and unique castles such as Girne Castle, Saint Helarin Castle and Bufavent Castle are located in this city.
It is interesting to know that the people of Kyrenia speak English with a British accent. Therefore, if you are also fluent in English, this city can be one of your priorities for buying property and immigrating to North Cyprus.
Coastal area

Eskele: Trikomo area or Iskele in Turkish is one of the most important and touristic cities of Northern Cyprus. The bay is famous for its beautiful beaches. The pier is located on the northeast side of North Cyprus. This city has been separated and independent from the city of Famagusta since 1998.
One of the most beautiful and best beaches in the waterfront area is Long Beach. Due to the features such as sandy beach and long beach, for many years capitalists and big construction companies started building many towns with great comfort facilities such as five-star hotels and attracted countless tourists for seasonal entertainment. They called to this area.
_ The small but peaceful town of Karpaz: Usually, the first place that comes to mind when mentioning the name of North Cyprus is the Karpaz Peninsula and the Golden Beach. First of all, it should be said that the presence of Golden Beach in Karpaz, which is under protection, makes it unique among the surrounding cities. In addition, there are more than 46 sandy beaches in Karpaz. These beaches are the nesting center of green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) and loggerhead (Caretta caretta) in the eastern Mediterranean. This city is also famous for its donkeys.
The main activities of people in Karpaz region are agriculture, fishing, hunting and some others are engaged in the tourism industry. Having the above attractions has made this city a tourist destination for tourists.

What is the religion of the people of North Cyprus?

The people of Northern Cyprus consider themselves secular Muslims and are proud of their Ottoman heritage. Northern Cypriot identity and culture is strongly based on family ties related to parents, siblings and relatives. The lives of most of the people of Northern Cyprus revolve around social activities and various food festivals are held in the cities of this country.

Folk dance, music and art are also an integral part of Turkish Northern Cypriot culture. For Turkish Cypriots, family life is very important and therefore a lot of their free time is spent in family gatherings.

What is the size and population of Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus has a population of 313,626 people in 2021. This population is spread over 3355 square kilometers. Northern Cyprus welcomes thousands of tourists by air and sea every year. In addition to the many sandy beaches in this country, the forested and green nature of Northern Cyprus is also remarkable.

What is the weather like in Northern Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of the healthiest and best climates in the temperate regions of the Mediterranean and has hot and dry summers and mild and rainy Mediterranean winters. The average number of sunny days in this beautiful island is 320 days a year. The summer weather on this island lasts from mid-May to mid-October and its mild and rainy winters last from December to February. Spring and short autumn weather conditions complete the four seasons in this island.

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